Wood frame construction as materials building

Framing lumber, also known as structural wood, is the grade of wood used for house framing (studs, headers, roof trusses and floor joists, etc.). Its technical characteristics make it perfectly suitable when large spans are necessary. The list below outlines the different families of framing lumber.


Wood Materials Building

Standard SPF (spruce-pine-fir) lumber – Softwood lumber

  • Light structural lumber is mainly used in residential construction. It is milled from softwood trees (spruce, fir and pine) that are sawn and machine-planed to standard dimensions (2×4″, 2×6″, 2×8″, etc.).  Wood as a framing material is advantageous in that it doesn’t undergo much transformation during processing, it has a low embodied energy, it’s a renewable resource and it stores carbon.
  • Heavy timber refers to any dimensional lumber over 4.5″ and is often used for post-and-beam construction. Large dimensions of wood can support heavy loads and facilitate long spans, in addition to being extremely fire resistant.
  • Finger-jointed lumber (also known as end-jointed and end-glued) is manufactured using short, dry pieces of wood that have been machined on each end and joined using a water repellent structural adhesive. This technique is ecologically beneficial, as it makes use of short pieces of wood to create a finished product that is larger, more stable and easier to align.

Worthy of note: the dimensions of light structural lumber do not match their given names. A commercially available 2×4″ is actually 1.5″ x 3.5″, a 2×6 is actually 1.5″ x 5.5″. The general rule of thumb: any width listed as 2″ will actually be 1.5″ and as for the depth, actual dimensions are .5″ less. The reason for this is planing; some true dimensions can be found at lumber yards, referred to as ‘rough’ as they are unplaned.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood requires more processing than standard wood.  As may be expected, engineered wood is more expensive than the types described above, and has a higher embodied energy given that it undergoes multiple transformations. Even so, it has many technical and ecological advantages: it can be very strong and facilitate large spans without requiring large trees.

It also makes use of short pieces of wood that might otherwise be heading for a landfill, so as soon as you need something larger than 2×8″, opt for engineered wood whenever possible.

In many cases, the added cost you may incur from choosing engineered wood will be recouped through significant labour savings. Engineered framing materials are straight and consistent – compare this to a 2×8″ or 2×10″ which in any given pile may have discrepancies of 3/8″ or more from the largest to the smallest. In order to build a straight floor for example, some pieces will need to be shimmed and others will need to be shaved, and that takes a lot of time.

If you didn’t get your money back from a quicker installation of open-web floor joists, you certainly will when your electrician and plumber easily pass wires and pipes through existing openings rather than drilling a thousand holes through solid floor joists (see images to the right).

Here are the different types of engineered wood products and their main characteristics.

  • Glulam is a multi-layered type of wood that is manufactured using several thicknesses of thin pieces of solid wood held together with mildew-resistant phenol glues which emit a very small amount of toxic chemicals. This process makes it possible to produce posts and beams that are strong and well suited for wide spans.Because glulam is strong and very easy to work with, it is most often used in roof framing.


  • Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is manufactured using many sheets of wood stacked on top of each other and then glued together. Each layer is oriented crosswise to the next, which makes for extremely stable and strong panels. Having established itself on the European market over the past twenty years, CLT has only recently become available in North America. This type of wood has excellent thermal and acoustic properties, is highly resistant to fire, and provides exceptional structural strength. CLT can be used to build load-bearing walls, floors and roofs. To date, it has mainly been used in residential construction, but tall wood buildings (between 5 and 10 stories) are now starting to pop up all over the world.


  • OSB (Oriented Strand Board), also known as Aspenite, is a panel fabricated using small strips of wood. OSB is not as strong as plywood, or as resistant to weather. It is most often used as exterior sheathing, as well as being the centre web of engineered wooden I-Joists. OSB makes use of small pieces of waste wood and is bonded using a phenol formaldehyde, a far less toxic substitute for the urea formaldehyde of days past. All that to say, it certainly won’t improve the air quality of your home, but it is generally not thought to be too great a health hazard.
  • Plywood is used for different structural elements such as studs in load-bearing walls, partitions, floor beams and roof supports. Plywood is most commonly found as a 4 x 8′ panel that is made from thin sheets of wood veneer that are bonded together using phenol formaldehyde glues. It is assembled with the grain of each layer running in the opposite direction of the previous one, making  a very stable and strong final product that is highly resistant to cracking, twisting and shrinkage. Plywood is commonly used on residential construction sites as a flooring substrate, exterior wall and roof sheathing, as well as certain interior finishing applications and furniture.
  • Engineered wood is at greater risk of moisture damage, learn more here.

Interior finishing wood

Mouldings for interior finishing can be made of all sorts of materials. Solid wood is one option (pine, oak, maple or yellow birch). It is still rather expensive but it has the advantage of being a durable material that doesn’t require harmful adhesives. MDF mouldings (Medium Density Fibreboard) are more reasonably priced and made largely of waste wood products, but they are fairly heavily ladden with toxic adhesives. Solid wood products with Zero VOC finishes will go a long way to helping you keep clean indoor air quality.


Regardless of the type of wood that is used, your furniture should ideally be free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde, to protect your indoor air quality. For finishings and maintenance – again to protect your air quality – look for either low or zero VOC paints and finishes.

Source : http://www.ecohome.net/guide/material-choices-wood-frame-construction

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Swing Wide Open

There’s a lot that divides us in this world, but you’d be surprised to learn what we have in common. One thing that almost all of us need, regardless of where we live on this planet, is a door. The thing is, doors aren’t all the same. In the U.S., we’re used to wooden doors with an oak look, but doors are different around the planet.

When you replace your old doors, get some inspiration from ideas found around the world. In Italy, some doors are made from multiple, multicolor panels. Of course, this is for the person that enjoys something a bit brighter than usual. In New Mexico, some doors are painted with pictures of landscapes, as if the door will lead you into another world. Garden doors in Japan try to blend the door into the surrounding landscape with rich green ivy and bushes around the entrance.

Your door design might be a little less extravagant, but your front door is still one of the first things your guests will see when they come to your home. Make sure that what they see is an extension of your personality. It might not be a door to another world, but it’s still an entrance into the place where you should feel most comfortable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of farming Hydroponics

Hydroponics is derived from the Greek hydro means water and ponous meaningful work. The appropriate meaning, farming hydroponic farming is a technology that uses water, nutrients, and oxygen. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of hydroponics systems compared with conventional agriculture, namely:

Excess hydroponic systems, among others:

1. Land use more efficient
2. Crop production without the use of soil
3. The quantity and quality of production is higher and cleaner
4. The use of fertilizer and water more efficiently
5. Control of pests and diseases more easily

Hydroponic system deficiencies, among others:

1. Require large capital
2. In the culture substrate, substrate media water capacity holds less than the media so that the soil will cause the withering plants fast and serious stress.

In Indonesia, the first hydroponic growing hydroponic substrate which, after hydroponic substrate, hydroponic NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) becoming known in Indonesia, and then developed also hydroponics aeroponics which empowers the air.

Hydroponic substrate. Substrate hydroponics system does not use water as a medium, but using a solid medium (not soil) that can absorb or provide nutrients, water, and oxygen as well as supporting the roots of plants as well as soil functions. The materials that can be used as growing media in hydroponic substrate method is rice husk, sand, gravel, pumice, cocopeat, rockwool, and sponges. Such media must be sterile, can store water temporarily, porous and free of nutrients. The media serves as a place to store water and nutrients while it serves as a beachhead roots. The drip irrigation system is used to supply the nutrient needs of the water poured into nutrients that plants use

Hydroponic NFT (Nutrient Film Technique). The word “movie” in hydroponic nutrient technique the film showed a thin stream of water. Hydroponics uses only water flow (nutrient) as a medium. NFT is a model of cultivation in conjuction with the roots of plants in a shallow layer of water. The water is circulated and nutrients needed by plants. Rooting can be grown in a nutrient solution around the roots because there is a layer of nutrient solution, then the system is known by the name of the movie nutrient technique.

Aeroponics. Aeroponics comes from the word meaning aero air and ponus which means power. Aeroponics can be interpreted to empower the air. The working principle of aeroponics which ejects nutrient solution in the form of mist to the roots of plants. The nutrient solution will be absorbed by plant roots. Plants grown in aeroponic system by hanging so that plant roots hanging in a bathtub. Base of the stem is inserted into a styrofoam strands that have been hollowed out in order to stand.

Planting hydroponic suitable for beginners

Vegetables are a source of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health. By utilizing the yard yard, various types of vegetables can be generated to simply meet their own needs. But not so in the urban areas, courtyard grounds are generally narrow, and not infrequently been coated with cement so it can not be used for growing vegetables.

Hydroponic technology could be an alternative. Various types of vegetables can easily be grown hydroponically, for the ingredients can use PVC. Hydroponics in this way can be applied by anyone because it is very easy. Plants can be placed anywhere, which is important when the plant is not raining rain. If it rained on the nutrient solution will be more dilute than it should be.

As is already known that for the growth of plants need sunlight. In one day the minimum plant requires 5 hours of irradiation but with low intensity. The scorching sun is not good for the plant. Plants that are suitable to be planted with this technology is a leafy vegetable crops such as lettuce, pakcoy, caisim, spinach, kale and so on. According to the FAO standard, vegetable requirement is 65 kg / capita / year. The average consumption of the new Indonesia is 34.5 kg / capita / year. Images and below explain are expected to help you become more easily understand this simple hydroponics technology.

Tools and materials needed

1. Hydroponics kit for planting, can be made of PVC
2. Growing media Rockwool. Rockwool is made from volcanic rock that is heated such that eventually formed the fibers. Media is free from sources of pests, diseases and weeds

Simple techniques farming Hydroponic Vegetables

1. Vegetable Seeds. Various types of leafy vegetables danpat planted with this technology. For example kale, lettuce, pakcoy, caisim and so on.
2. Nutrients hydroponics Because hydroponics system, plants obtain nutrients from the solution, then the solution should contain nutrients.
3. Semai. Media to sow seeds that had been prepared. Select seeds pithy (contains). Use tweezers. Seeds embedded into the media as deep as approximately 2-5 mm
4. Watering Seeds that have been sown crops watered until the media becomes wet. Use clean water, not use fertilizer.
5. Cover with plastic kit for 3-5 days. The goal is that media always so moist and warm so that germination will be easy. The seeds will germinate after 3-5 days. Fill the kit with a hydroponic nutrient solution until it touches the bottom of the planting medium. Hydroponics kit should be placed on a flat, sunlight and should not be exposed to rain. When nutrients is reduced, add more nutrient solution. After 30 days, the vegetables can be harvested, depending on the type of vegetable and sunlight. This technique is very minimal maintenance.

Infiltration Wells in Yard House We Can Create

How exactly recharge wells that work? Rainwater that falls into our yard at least 85 percent should be able to be absorbed by the page so as not to excite the flood. The home page we are naturally rainy absorb water flow falls, including from the roof of the house, which flows through the gutters. Here the infiltration wells will reduce the contribution of floods by reducing rainwater run-off donations.

Below ground, infiltration will go seep soil layers called layer is not saturated, where the land (of various types) can still absorb water, then go to penetrate the soil surface (water table) where underneath there is ground water (ground water) trapped in saturated soil layer. Ground water is what we actually consume.

The entry of rain water through infiltration is what keep the groundwater reserves that can still be achieved with ease. Ii because the surface of the ground water can indeed vary, depending on the supply and exploitation. By undrained into infiltration wells, rainwater that falls in the area of ​​the house we are not wasted into the gutter and then flows into the river.

How should Infiltration Wells in Yard House We Created?  Procedures for Rain Water Infiltration Wells Planning for Land yard, set out some general requirements that must be met a catchment wells, namely:

Absorption wells should be on flat land, not on the ground slopes, steep or unstable.
Absorption wells should be dissociated of landfill, away from the septic tank (minimum five meters measured from the edge), and a minimum of one meter of the building foundation.
Excavation can recharge wells to a sandy soil or a maximum of two meters below the ground water level. The depth of the water table (water table) 1.50 meters minimum soil during the rainy season.
Soil structure must have soil permeability (ability of soil to absorb water) greater than or equal to 2.0 cm per hour (ie, puddle as high as 2 cm will absorbed discharged within 1 hour), with three classifications, namely:

Moderate permeability, ie 2.0 to 3.6 cm per hour.
Permeability of the soil rather quickly (fine sand), which is 3.6 to 36 cm per hour.
Soil permeability fast (coarse sand), which is greater than 36 cm per hour.

Tips to make the hanging gardens

With a garden in your home there will be so many benefits. In addition to your house to be beautiful and beautiful, the garden can also give freshness and beauty to your home. For those of you who do not have a large yard to make a garden, creating a beautiful hanging gardens could be the right choice. Here, we will discuss some of the details about the hanging gardens can be a special idea for you as well. I hope this helps.

Decorating Tips hanging gardens you can do with the family. No need to require a lot of land, you only need to prepare the pots hanging to put your favorite plants. Tips from minimalist home decoration hanging gardens are some tips that you can employ to make the hanging gardens that minimalist home. first you prepare to make the decoration is by preparing tools and materials, such as pots, plants, soil, fertilizer, small shovel, water, and others.

This minimalist home hanging garden you can use to save you in decorating your hanging gardens, using materials that are not used as pots. You can use a can of paint, or large milk cans, jars that had no lid partner, also a former ice-cream container. If there are items that should be used, you just decorate it with paint or decorative ribbon and so on according to your taste. In addition, using materials that are not used can also save money instead of buying the same garnish with new material. Here, you can also develop creativity and crazy ideas that make your house becomes more attractive.

Tips subsequent hanging garden that you can use is to use a cable cord scars, tips minimalist home decoration hanging gardens can make a pot that already contains soil and plants depend strongly. You do not need to buy a stone strap if you already have this item of course. Cables made of plastic that will easily fastened with elastic pot. Do not use large cables that are not elastic, you will become a hassle when using a cable that is unruly. Cables can be a strong binder for the cable is contained in the metal, so that the power cord is stronger.

Tips hanging garden decor minimalist house next is plant selection. Making the hanging gardens should you pay attention to the type of plants, there are several types of plants that are not suitable to be used as hanging gardens, such as large woody plants and branching. Choose plants that are small but dense, and characterized as grass. The leaves are long or small, can then be swung under the pot. You can choose the flowering plants such as orchids and so on. Good luck hanging garden Tips minimalist home.

Your Front Yard Need Street Lamps

This is an excellent way to spruce up a front yard and an attractive way to add lighting to a lawn and garden area. A yard or home can instantly be transformed just by adding a couple of strategically placed lighting fixtures.

One option is to place a pair of street lamps next to the roadway on either side of your driveway entry. Doing this adds a special decorative touch to the exterior of your home and also helps to define your front yard. There are all sorts of pretty styles and finishes available to choose from including old-fashioned black ones which would be an excellent addition to a traditionally styled home. A burnished bronze finished lamp is another popular style also available to consumers. You might even want to match the color of the fixtures to the trim on your house or to the color of your entrance door. Whether you choose black, bronze or a colored coordinated set; outdoor lighting can clearly define your yard and show anyone who drives by that you take great pride in the look of your home.

Another option is to add lighting to an ornamental garden area containing exotic shrubs or decorative flowers. Using different types of lighting, you can accentuate an ornamental garden area or arbor in your yard. If you choose a solar-powered fixture, the light gradually comes on as dusk falls and casts a warm glow all over your garden area. Your front yard will look like you had a professional landscape designer come in and create this beautiful ambiance, but you can take full credit for the great atmosphere you have created. By choosing fixtures that coordinate well with the scale of your plants, you will avoid having the fixtures overpower the space or feel like an afterthought in your design while creating definition and purpose to a well designed garden space.

Although street lamps are traditionally used in the front yard of a home, they can also be used in the backyard. Adding them in the backyard can enhance the beauty of your yard and also create additional lighting for your outdoor living activities. Placing one near a pool, deck or patio is a wonderful way to accessorize your backyard as well as add a functional lighting source. Choosing street lamps that best suit your needs depends on how much light you would like to add to your yard as well as your home and personal style.

In summary, outdoor lighting is an excellent way to enhance your front yard appeal and because they are an attractive source of lighting, street lamps are a great choice for accentuating your front yard as well as your backyard. Wherever you choose to add your outdoor lighting, whether it be in the front yard or backyard, you will be pleased with the way outdoor lighting dresses up your home, lawn and garden.

Minimalist clothes clothesline

Drying clothes with the help of rope would still widely practiced in our society, a variety of reasons underlying it is because more practical and cheaper. However, if the load of clothes are dried in the sun too much, gradually the rope used to be brittle and easily broken.

If among you anyone experienced this, start switch uses a model clothesline durable or durable but not complicated that model clothesline modern of iron or other metals or with wood and pipes can also use the course a little more expensive for the initial stage. Additionally, if you apply a minimalist design, it helps you use this way because this way you can get a little save space in your home because it will automatically save space or space in your home clothesline.

Design minimalist clothesline or clothes hangers made from iron or aluminum or wood and pipes with folding model can save more of your clothesline space. In addition to saving space, the model clothes clothesline steel or wood also adds a neat and has artistic value and more practical. With the theme of minimalism, in fact you can create your own design model clothes line or clothes hangers with your own tastes. There are various types of clothesline or clothes hangers that are tailored to the type of clothes to be dried, as for example, a model washing baby clothes. To design more practical, you can create an instant or you can buy a model with a model of a folding clothes hanger for your convenience in use and layout, and storage.

Minimalist Design 2015 today there who are looking for models and designs clothes clothesline or clothes hangers, below we will give you some variety of models and clothes line forms a unique and practical that you can probably apply to your home clothesline models. The model I will give clothes clothesline images practical and safe

Source: http://www.rumahminimalisdesign.com

How to fix the water pump dynamo would not spin / damaged

How to fix the water pump dynamo would not spin / damaged
On the occasion spare time I want a little ways of improving the water pump will not spin, it is not much different way by improving the fan that yesterday I was informed.
If my friend had a dynamo engine water pump problem that chance this time would not spin, you can follow the instructions on how to repair the pump which I will explain here. http://strumikan.blogspot.com/2014/12/panduan-servis-cara-memperbaiki-kipas.html

Well just crux water pump repair information.
First of all check first whether electric current has been correctly entered into the pump dynamo machine, in case anyone broke his cable so that the motor pump can not be spun, For the examination you just open the cover of its existing common just above dynamo test tespen use.

If the cable is no problem the next step you notice whether there buzzing sound of motor if any, try rotating vane pump by hand, heavy or light, if severe ball bearing possibility was already a lot of dirt or rust so effect pump rotation is not smooth or fiber.
The latter if the time played with the hand feels light the possibility of capacitor it is no longer functioning, the solution replaced with new ones, some types of water pumps capacitors its different no form of its black box identical in motor fans see here Her example of how to serve the fan. and there is also its shape as ABC stones. but white. The component parts are sold at many electronics toko2.

Rotation of the motor armature is good but do not want to get out the water, there are several possible causes.
Please first check whether the water sampling section is leaking, note: there is little leakage can cause.
out of the water can not be tight, do not even make it out of water altogether.
The second possibility is as leaky seals or klep, how the replacement of the way to open the section waterwheel. Her spot seals or pump valve at the rear of the waterwheel, if you want the check to be issued before the waterwheel.
What if the track sucker is good, seal or valve has been good but still can not get out of the water even though it can be very slowly, its problems can also be as or iron the right part of the valve there is eroded, usually this damage despite the seal or valve him in the dressing still also leaked.
Quite so hopefully can help.

Advantages and Disadvantages Lightweight steel roof

Advantages and Disadvantages Lightweight steel roof

Lately emerging-proliferation whose name the design of lightweight steel roof truss. Almost every house minimalist use the framework for the roof of the lightweight steel material. Definition of lightweight steel roof truss design is a recent technological developments roof structure using steel construction strong but very light. Previous sure you already know that it is identical to the steel weight and large size. But over time and advancement in technology, then comes the mild steel so it is attracting public attention.

Lightweight steel roof truss design is very strong because of the danger of the steel used is the type of cold rolled coil (CRC) with the profile shape like the letter C or O. Well on this occasion spacehistories.com team managed to gather information about the design of lightweight steel roof truss complete the cost of installation. Before we present beforehand advantages and disadvantages of lightweight steel roof truss which may be a consideration for you before choosing materials for the steel roof truss your minimalist home.

Light Steel Frame Roof Excess:

1. You do not have to paint it again to beautify the roof of the house, because the lightweight steel roof truss has been characterized in a way that already look elegant.
2. Frame building a very lightly so as not to burden the structure of the house.
3. Anti whose name termite attack, very different from the timber at risk is porous and eaten by termites.
4. The quality or the quality of the material does not change, it will not become weak due to old age.
5. The installation process is faster than the roof frame of wood, can be fabricated in advance and then you just attach location housing construction.
6. Resistant to rust.

Lightweight Steel Frame Roof shortcomings:

1. Selection of materials requires careful calculation and strong structure, because if something goes wrong, the roof could collapse completely.
2. Classified as a roof truss material which is quite expensive compared to other species, but the presence of increasingly scarce wood has made mild steel became cheaper to use.
3. Can not create a roof truss origin, need the correct working drawings so that the roof could be built and function properly.
4. In terms of architectural appearance looks less good if not so designed, therefore, needs to cover the ceiling so that the ceiling looks good.
5. Not sold freely in shops of building materials, so it should be booked directly on suppliers of lightweight steel roof truss which typically offer price planning, the following materials to finished installation.